About Banan

A Saudi company that set out to create a new world of restaurants and cafes with a new and different concept at the level of identity or services. From the establishment of the idea to the official opening, Banan contributes to completing the investors’ journey in the field of restaurants and cafes or creating a new generation of entrepreneurs in this field.

Since 2006, we have been hurrying hard to develop ideas and renew them to suit the current time. We are proud to establish many successful restaurants and cafes today, and we seek to be one of the pioneers in this sector in terms of foundation and direction, in solidarity with the Kingdom’s vision 2030, specifically the Quality of Life Program. We strive to make a mark different and raise the level of quality of the field in line with the vision of our dear kingdom

Banan founders

Mr. Muhammad Al-Humaizi , Mr. Abdullah Al-Fadil

Our Vision

To be the first choice for business owners wishing to enter the field of restaurants and cafes by providing Our services for them to establish their projects on the highest standards of quality and workmanship

Our Mission


Best quality service application

Belhassan’s social

Each project of implementation and innovation is a new addition that benefits the community


Restaurants and cafes with new ideas


Project industry with a passion that reaches the customer

Transparency and trust

A business based on clear plans


We keep up with the world on ideas, ideas, and project design

Profile personly

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